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Birth Story

Labour & Delivery Photography

** Strictly limited availability per month. Please book early to avoid disappointment**

Capturing the most exquisite story on earth...Your Baby's Birth Story!

I absolutely love photographing Births! Witnessing such an incredible story is just amazing and to be asked to be in such a special space and document such an amazing story is an honor.


Your $950 + GST Session Fee Includes:

  • Pre-Birth face to face consult to discuss Birth and expectations and the details of which you would like covered.

  • Photographer on-call for approx. 5 weeks surrounding your Due-Date (usually from 37 weeks to 42 weeks)

  • Time and talent of your photographer on the day/night of your Labour and Birth.

  • A secure online password protected proofing gallery with unlimited high resolution edited images

  • Beautiful Keepsake USB

  • Professional quality, hard cover Album displaying your Birth Story Images

Gippsland Birth Photographer
Gippsland Birth Photographer
Gippsland Birth Photographer

Birth Photography - Being 'oncall'

I am there for the 5 weeks surrounding your due date. That means you can contact me day or night, for any false alarms, any updates, anything at all. It means I will arrive at the hospital 3,4,5 times at 1am in the morning during those "just in case" situations where things might fizz out and you will be sent home. It means I am on-call for you, I have arranged alternate arrangements for my own children, It means I'll stay through your 24hour labour, it means I'll sleep on the floor or the waiting room if things fizz out. Wedding Photography is a set date and time, and booked well in advance. The fun of Birth Photography is the thrill of waiting for a baby to be born.

Birth Photography - How it works on the day

When I arrive - I will introduce myself to staff and come in to say hello. I will then sit back and photograph the day as it unfolds. You will hardly notice I am there. I will talk to you only if you initiate conversation, I will just be a fly on the wall to document your birth. Obviously we cannot put a time limit on labour, so from when I first arrive, I will stay until your baby is born. I then generally stay for 2 hours afterwards, photographing all those incredible moments - first glances, first holds, weighing and first feeds. 

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