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The Studio

My home studio is beautifully light filled and full of gorgeous props, outfits and backdrops for newborns, maternity, babies & children. It is the perfect temperature all year round and is always changing to keep up to date and modern. Amenities include microwave, fridge, tea & coffee and a small snack bar. To ensure we get the perfect light all year round, Naomi is trained in both Natural light and studio light of which she uses throughout her sessions.

In 2017, construction got underway to build my very own home studio. Hours were spent perfecting the design and then executing the build and I am thankful to none other than my wonderful husband and father in law who pulled off the most amazing work space any photographer could ask for.


It is truly a dream come true to be able to work in such a ridiculously beautiful space like this.

Video production courtesy of Luke Sumner - TFMedia

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