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I cannot stress this enough!

It is important for you, and family members, to be comfortable during your photo shoot – and I don’t just mean ‘wear comfy clothing!’ If you tend to have a relaxed, casual feel in your clothing, now is not the time to try something that is the total opposite.

The same goes with your hair and makeup – if you normally wear neutral, natural makeup, don’t go out and get a full face done with a bold smokey eye! You just won’t feel like YOU, and that will be reflected in the images. Stay true to yourself and your style, and you will be rewarded with images that are authentically you.


The studio has a wardrobe full of beautiful maternity gowns and outfits for babies aged 0-1 as well as a small selection of girls dresses size 2+.

Check out the Maternity Portfolio page for samples of gowns.

If you have any questions about what to wear for your photoshoot, feel free to contact us, admin@naomiseccombephotography.com

For any photo shoot, be it pregnancy, newborn, family or branding, there are lots of things to consider in terms of what to wear – it is the thing that causes the most angst when preparing for professional photos!


These tips from Harmonie at Find Your Fabulous Personal Styling will help make it easy for you, no matter the reason behind the photos.



Physical comfort is just as important as mental comfort, especially in a photo shoot. Avoid anything too tight or too loose – you don’t want to be tugging at a tight skirt that’s riding up, and you also don’t want to be drowning in a sea of fabric.

If you are wearing something more fitted, be sure to check how your clothing fits from the back, as well as the front. You want to avoid anything that pulls where it shouldn’t, any buttons that are straining under movement, or any bra straps that might be showing.




Bold prints or busy patterns can result in your clothing wearing you in images, and not the other way around. It is important that YOU (and others in your images) are the focus, rather than the clothing. For this reason, block colours tend to be easier on the eye and are generally recommended.


HOWEVER - don't feel that you must avoid patterns completely. A family shoot can work beautifully if a couple of items of clothing in the shoot are complimentary patterns. For example, the mum may wear a top with a soft floral print, while little girl may have a floral dress on in complimenting colours. 







If you are having a family shoot, don’t feel the need to dress everyone in the same outfits – we wouldn’t normally wear matchy-matchy in “real life,” so it can come across as inauthentic in photos. Instead, aim for clothes that compliment each other – this means choosing a colour palette with a few shades or colours, and working all outfits around it.


For example, you may choose an autumn colour palette – for this you could incorporate khaki, mustard or burnt orange, chocolate brown and denim. Navy, camel, grey and white all work beautifully together for a nice neutral palette.

If you wanted a lighter, fresher feel, perhaps for a beach shoot, you could consider white or cream, sage green, grey, with a pop of coral or even yellow.

When it comes to newborn photos, soft neutrals tend to work best. Harsh bold colours just clash with the softness that you get with a newborn!

If you are planning to display the images in your home, keep this in mind when choosing your clothes – you don’t want to end up with photos that clash with your colour scheme!




You want your professional photos to stand the test of time. When choosing your clothes, avoid anything too trend-driven, and aim to select pieces that are more classic. You want to be you, but at the same time, you want to proudly display your images for years to come.

Avoid pieces of clothing that will date easily and leave you looking back thinking... what the!?





When selecting your outfit for your photo shoot, my advice is to steer away from anything with a shiny texture. I don’t mean avoid metallic, as these can add depth and interest to images, but rather satin or a shiny faux leather, or even hosiery with a sheen. The reason for this is that shine can visually add weight in photos, so choose something with a matte texture. Linen, lace, denim and suede all photograph beautifully.


Accessories will make any outfit look polished and well thought out – but it is important not to overdo it. Just like with the patterns and prints, you do not want the accessories to dominate the images. Choose one key item, whether it be bold earrings, a chunky bangle or a statement necklace, and stick to it, rather than loading up with ALL of your faves. Don’t be scared to take along a few different things with you so you can have a play around with different looks. Scarves, necklaces etc are all easily interchangeable.

It sounds obvious, but lots of people overlook the little things. If you have something that creases when you sit, hang it in the car and pop it on right before the shoot. Examine your clothes for any marks or stains, in natural light if possible – you do not want to spot a stain in your final images! Check your shoes are clean, and take some powder and hairspray for any little touch-ups.


If your shoot is for business branding, be sure to choose colours that are consistent with your brand – if your brand colours are soft pinks, having photos done wearing a bold green or a fire engine red is not going to create a flowing image. Ideally, incorporate your brand colours into your outfit. This will ensure your overall look is professional on your digital platforms. You can experiment with prints and patterns here, but again, they need to align with your brand – florals convey femininity, polka dots convey playfulness. It is still important to ensure the print doesn’t steal the limelight, so keep this in mind.

In terms of the style of the clothes, again, it is important to ensure they align with your business. If you are going for a casual and approachable look, you could go for jeans, a t-shirt (in your brand colour) and a blazer. A tailored suit will give off a professional vibe, whereas a floaty flowing dress will result in a more gentle, sensitive feel. All of this depends on your branding and your profession.

When going for your branding shots, it is a good idea to take along a few different outfits. This way you will be able to get a variety of shots that you can use over a period of time, without them all looking like they were taken on the same day.

If you are planning to have branding photos done, (or personal ones for that matter!) and just don’t know where to start in terms of styling, reach out and I can tailor a package just for you.

Harmonie - Find Your Fabulous

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