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Welcome to the world Zavier

You usually remember when you first met someone, at a party or you are introduced by friends.

This was the first time I met Saffrine & Shane - when they were about three contractions away from meeting their brand new baby boy Zavier.

Saffrine was induced the night before, and the experience of nurses and myself told me we had a while to go before she would be delivering, however Birth's are very unpredictable (that's what makes them amazing!) and I was in the delivery room for about 6 minutes before we met beautiful Zavier at 12 past 12 on Tuesday afternoon.

What a special gift it is to be chosen to be there when a baby takes their first breath. What a privilege it is to be present and get to witness the amazing strength and power of what a woman's body can do.

Saffrine you did an absolutely amazing job! It was as though you just breathed Zavier out calmly and effortlessly and the look of amazement and satisfaction on your face, and pride and joy on Shane's face bought tears to my eyes.

What absolute perfection Zavier is!

Thank you for choosing me to be there through this amazing journey. I am so glad I got there in time to capture this beautiful moment and all the moments that followed.

Looking for a birth Photographer?

I have bookings available for due dates from August to early 2020. Please contact me for more information or to book. 0423 709 279

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