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Hello Kinder and Pre-School Families !


We are excited to be photographing your child at their Kinder this year!

Capturing their personalities, smiles, joy and wonder of this beautiful stage in life is so much fun.  We take the time to interact with your child in their environment and let them show and tell us what they like to do.


We do messy play, we do chaos, we do loud laughs and giggles, we sing, we dance, we run, jump, paint, slide and genuinely have fun hanging out with your child to capture joy, natural smiles and interactions in indoor and outdoor environments.


Our aim is to provide photographs that document this absolutely incredible time in your child's younger years and all those amazing little expressions & personalities! 

Kinder Photos Pre-Payment

Use this page for ordering if you are from a stand-alone Kinder or Preschool (not attached to a Daycare or Early Learning Centre)

Please select your package and follow the prompts for online pre-payment.

Please check that the package you are paying for is on the form you have from your centre and ensure you add your order number to your paper form & hand it into the Kinder for easy matching.

Select "Free Delivery to Centre" upon checkout.

All Products will be delivered in bulk to your centre approx 4-6 weeks after your centre's photo week unless you select postage in order to have packages shipped direct to you.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:    or    0423 709 279

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