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ISO at Home Photos

Due to the Corona virus Pandemic I (along with most photographers around the world) am unable to do sessions, which breaks my heart just thinking about the 'missed milestones' I will no longer be able to capture until later in the year.

I am however here to help you capture your baby’s milestones at home using whatever phone device or camera you have. I am here for telephone & face time support when you are setting up your little home photo shoot and I am here to assist with finishing off your images, so they look their best as well as sending them off to my pro-lab for printing.

Here are my 20 photographs of my little baby model (who refused to close her eyes the entire shoot, but was super happy and content the whole time!!!);

Where to photograph you baby:

You want to look for light in your home. Preferably a window that reaches the floor, or a glass door works well too. Next you want to move some things out of the way of that perfect light... In my case (below) My space is in my dinning room, the window is not touching the ground, and there are lovely sheer curtains which diffuse the light.

What to use:

In these tutorials, I will be using my IPhone 11. I have used portraiture mode, but you can use just normal mode. You can use any phone camera you have, or IPad or a digital camera if you have one. I will not be discussing camera settings, so for now, pop your camera on auto and turn the flash OFF.

You will need a fluffy rug or blanket (grab a few to change them around), 2-3 wraps/swaddles, small teddy, some thick rolled up socks and a rolled up bath towel.

You can also add things from your child’s room like a name plaque, flowers, headbands, etc. But remember that keeping it SIMPLE is best.

How to setup:

You want something comfortable for your baby to be on. You want it in a good spot for light, and you want a happy, warm, safe baby. These elements are the key to your photos being a success.

Setup as per below with a towel on the ground for your baby’s head, a blanket over the top and another blanket or fluffy rug on top. Use the socks under baby's legs to keep them feeling secure and in place.

Your baby needs to be wrapped fairly firm. For a Newborn, use two layers and try and swaddle with arms down to start with. If you have a zip up swaddle (arms down) then use this. Once you have finished one wrap, add a second over the top. Keep this second layer as neat as you can. This is the layer you will see.

Place baby on the blanket setup as I have done.

How to take photos:

Safety is very important!!!! The last thing you want to do is drop a phone, IPad or heavy camera onto your child! Hold onto your phone with TWO hands. And if you have a camera, use the camera strap around your neck.

You want to ensure you are not photographing baby “up the nose”. Reach over so that you are leaning over the top of baby and getting a flattering angle. Use a variety of distances to take the shot, Close up, mid-range and far away. Do not use the flash. With the setup I have described, there will be ample light to photograph your baby without using harsh flash.

To change the look of your photos:

- move baby to a safe place and swap the blanket

- Take one layer of wrap off, and change it to another wrap

- Change head bands, hats, beanies etc.

- Add another small blanket over the top of baby creating a “bed” looking setup

- Carefully pull baby’s hands out of the wrap and put them under chin

- Carefully take baby’s arms out of the wrap (hold them firmly so baby does not startle & wake up)

- If baby does wake, Shhhh them so they are still content and capture those cute eyes open, arms in the air shots.

Try baby on the side. Positioning the baby's head towards your light source and have the rolled up towel under their head, with the socks under their legs to keep them in position. Hands should be comfortably out of the swaddle resting on their cheek.


Avoid "Shooting up the nose":

We don't want to see any boogers! and we want a nice flattering angle for baby and parents.

Parent Photos / Family Photos

For this you need a window or door (the same as before), and a wall or clear space. Newborn baby can be wrapped (see above) or older baby in clothes of your choice.

We use a similar method of not “shooting up the nose” as we did above for baby photos. Have tall parents sit while the other takes photographs from a higher angle. Have parent lean in towards the camera slightly.

You also want to avoid full length shots, just focus on baby, parents hands and face. The rest we can do without.

Take a variety of shots:

- Looking at camera

- Looking at baby

- Nose to nose with baby

- Kissing baby’s forehead

- Close up & far away

Older Baby (4months +, Sitting, crawling, walking)

You will need that same window and wall combination. Move any furniture out of the way to ensure you have a clutter free background.

Get down to their level, if baby isn’t crawling yet, lay on your tummy with them and chat with them quite close. If baby if crawling, you will want to be at their level, but give them some space to show off their moves. They wont always stay still, and we want to give them room to move so you can capture that.

Take a variety of shots:

- Baby on tummy with blanket underneath

- Baby on back with blanket underneath

- Variety of outfits

- Hats, headbands, beanies

- Sitting on blanket

- With their comforter/teddy


How I can help:

If you are thinking about taking photos of your child/family, feel free to contact me first. I am happy to talk you through anything and everything. Call me when you are setting up, call me mid-way between shots, email me your test shots, I am here to help you.

Don’t be fooled by thinking your photos are “only taken on a phone” so they must not be good quality! With a few pro tricks, your phone photos can be your most treasured memories, especially during this time of Corona virus, these images are going to be the best thing you can get for now.

Editing & Print Service:

I am offing an editing & print service for at-home photos.

It’s amazing what a professional colour correction, basic skin retouch and sharpen for print can do to your images. Plus a professional print lab will have your simple phone photos looking AMAZING!

Print Prices are as below: There is no extra charge for editing during this time.

$3 4X6 Prints - a minimum of 20 prints applies.

4X6 Prints - $10 each

5X7 Prints - $15 each

8X12 Prints - $30 each

Flat rate of $10 shipping applies to all orders and will be shipped direct from Lab to your door.

Speak to Naomi about adding professional Slip-in Albums for your Photos.

I hope this has helped you preserve those special memories. I would love to hear from you if you have tried this, if you are stuck with something, or if you need more information, I would love you to reach out to me.

Enjoy & take care of yourself & your beautiful families.

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